Friday, January 6th, 2017

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Woke up to snow (below) this morning. It does look quite nice. I want to say it’s our first of the season, but we actually got a dusting back in October or early November (can’t remember now).



This is how I like our winters … just about an inch or two to make it look all serene and lovely, but then stop so I don’t have to break my back cleaning it up at the end! Now the sun is out, so by the time I go home, all of this will be melted.

I also made breakfast this morning (new tradition – I never make breakfast and often rarely EAT breakfast, soooo hoping to keep this going). This morning I mixed 1 egg with sliced baby tomato and broccoli and then cut it up to fit on an English muffin. It was quite good (and cheap considering Dunkin is about $6.00 for breakfast :D).

Don’t know if anyone on my list plays, but I finally played a little World of Warcraft last night. Since I’m trying to get up earlier to exercise, I’ve been pretty tired earlier at night and have barely played this whole week (shocking, I know) … so once my schedule is right, hopefully I’ll be playing it a little more than recently. I am thinking of changing my rogue from human to gnome, because gnomes are just so damn cute … ha!

The toon on left is my human rogue (right now). She’s only lvl 28 so ignore the crappy outfit, haha … and the one on the right is my hunter gnome (she is only lvl 30 but she has better looking gear lol). See how cute the gnome is… AHHH! Decisions, decisions :P


So glad it is FRIDAY. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Trisha (my bff & brother’s Fiance), Diane and Erica (both bff’s to Trisha and I). We’re going to discuss Vegas plans. We’re going in February ;">Trisha’s bachelorette (Part I -- Part II will include the other bridesmaids & will be in Boston).

So we’re booking the shows, planning the days/nights, etc before it’s all too late. I’m pretty excited because we’re going to see Armin Van Buuren live! I’ve seen ATB, Above and Beyond, Tiesto and Calvin Harris live, but never Armin (Trisha and Diane have, but I was sick when they went so I missed out).

Other things we’re doing: Pole dancing class (I am prepared to laugh so hard my sides are going to split), a ‘male review’ show where we will be right up front near the stage, a lot of sightseeing one day, I think there’s a pool party in there one night (though, it’ll be February in Vegas so not sure if it will be pool worthy)… and I have no idea what else lol. So yeah, I am pretty excited. We’re going from Thursday to Sunday night (coming back Monday morning).

So yeah… that’s about it for this weakened, so I’m sure I’ll be playing lots of World of Warcraft or Battlefield 1 or maybe some SIMS :P What’s everyone got planned? (I’ll be reading soon).

P.S. Anyone know LJ coding? I just want to include a google font for my entries, and I've tried a number of things and can't seem to get it to work. I will love you long time if you can help me :P


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