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Birthdate:Sep 21
Location:Connecticut, United States of America
35 year old female, living in beautiful Connecticut (loving all four seasons). I’m pretty down to earth, and enjoy the very basic things in life. I love to read and write fiction (vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, etc) and play video games. I often find it hard to make time for all three + all my other hobbies.

I’m a list maker but don’t always follow my lists. I can write 5 chapters to a book in one day, and then not write for eight months (hence why I could never be a published author).

I love all things beautiful and ‘ugly’ (eye of the beholder). Photography has been one of my biggest passions for a very long time, but when my father became very ill four years ago, I put things aside to help take care of him. He sadly passed away June of 2016, so I’ll probably be writing a lot about how I am handling his loss (or for the most part, not really handling it). I’m hoping to get back into photography as well (my problem is getting used to lugging around my heavy ass Nikon camera again … not the taking photos part).

I do believe in God, but I will NEVER talk about religion in my journal. These are my beliefs and I will never ‘push’ them on anyone. I am NOT very political, but even I am scared for the USA these next four years and honestly, if you are a supporter of Trump, we probably will never get along (unless you NEVER talk about politics).

I’m not big on idle chatter and try to avoid it at all costs (but it happens WAY TOO MUCH AT WORK, which drives me insane). If you have something we can actually discuss in depth, then I’m all for meaningful conversations, but to chat just ‘to chat’… no thank you.

I am an introvert all the way. This is a great quick – myths about Introverts (we are often misunderstood):

And this one is an in-depth look at introverts (there are other sites like this one, it’s why I love google):

A couple photos of myself (the merry holidays most recent of course).

2016-10-06_01-39-26 mecold (1)meholidaycheer

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10 things i hate about you, 21 jump street (the movie), a&e pride and prejudice, above and beyond, agents of shield, allyson james, alyssa rose ivy, anne rice, aprilynne pike, armin van buuren, arrow, atb, avengers, avtar, becca fitzpatrick, blindspot, bones, braveheart, bridesmaids, brodi ashton, c. c. hunter, calvin harris, cassandra clare, christopher pike, clive barker, colleen houck, criminal minds, crossing jordan, dancing, dannika dark, dark matter, deadpool, deep space nine, despicable me, dexter, dirty dancing, drinking lots of coffee, driving aimlessly, dumb and dumber, eileen wilks, elementary, elle jasper, firefly, flash, flo rida, friends, gilmore girls, gladiator, going for walks, grease, hanging out, hanging out with family, hanging out with friends, have i mentioned coffee?, heather hildenbrand, hiking, imagine dragons, inception, instagram-ing, iron man, it’s a wonderful life, jeaniene frost, jocelynn drake, julie kagawa, karen chance, kelley armstrong, keri arthur, kim harrison, kingsman, kung fu panda, last man standing, laughing, laurell k. hamilton (older work), lauren kate, lion king, lisa l. wiedmeier, longmire, lost girl, lucifer, maggie stiefvater, making lists, making snowmen, margaret george, matrix, michelle sagara, movies, nalini, new girl, nin, onerepublic, p!nk, painting, patricia briggs, peter brett, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pit bull, pitch perfect, poetry, pretty in pink, rachel vincent, reading, richelle mead, s.l. naeole, samantha young, scrapbooking, sherlock, sherlock with benedict cumberbatch, shopping, sightseeing, sims, singh, sixteen candles, sketching, sleeping, star trek voyager, star trek with chris pine & zachary quinto, star trek: next generation, supernatural, tammy blackwell, tara brown, the dark knight, the fall, the walking dead, thirty seconds to mars, tiesto, titanic, tweeting, twilight, v for vendetta, vicki pettersson, video games, wall-e, watching television, wolverine, world of warcraft, writing, writing fiction, x-files, x-men first class, x-men trilogy
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